Salem County Cleaning Service for Schools

Educational Facility Management is here to answer your call for a Salem County cleaning service for schools. We provide janitorial and environmental services for public, private and charter schools, including special education facilities, throughout Salem County and South Jersey. Our specialty is cleaning services for the education industry, and we tailor our services accordingly.

The need for a clean and sanitary environment in schools has never been greater, and EFM’s mission is to provide the necessary services with exceptional customer service. Our goal is to relieve your day to day cleaning worries and keep your facility maintenance costs affordable.

Your Professional Salem County School Cleaning Service

At EFM, we offer most all types of facility cleaning services, including custodial services, carpet and floor cleaning, COVID-19 infection control, cleaning supplies delivery and more.

We use a standardized approach to cleaning and maintenance of schools. All of our disinfectants are EPA-approved, and we follow all CDC guidelines. Our cleaning materials are green and environmentally friendly, and our procedures are established and safe. We use state of the art cleaning equipment for floor burnishing and other advanced cleaning.

In addition, our supervisors, staff, and janitorial personnel are trained in both cleaning services and in politeness and courtesy towards students and faculty. Our supervisors make frequent on-site visits to your facility to oversee the operation, and are easy to contact if you have any additional questions or requests.

At Educational Facility Management, the key to our growth has been high quality service and fair pricing. Reach out to us today and tell us about your cleaning needs, and see why we’re the easy choice for a Salem County cleaning service for schools. We will meet with you for a free, no-obligation consultation and show you how we can provide the right services within your budget.

To EFM, it’s about the children and staff whose health and safety has been entrusted to us.