Carpet & Floor Cleaning

Floor Stripping & Waxing

Carpet & Floor Cleaning for Schools

During consultation for our floor stripping & waxing services, we look to see what the current floor care program consist of:

  • How often are the floors stripped, and how often are the floors burnished?
  • Does the use an auto scrubber & top scrub the floors?
  • Where might these problems come from?
  • Are the floors dust mopped & damped mopped with a neutral cleaner?
  • Is the neutral cleaner being properly diluted?
  • Are the cleaners using the correct floor pad on the burnished?

These problems occur by not maintaining the floors properly. To know if these services are needed, we ask our clients what type of floor finish is being applied, if the current company properly strips the floors or just top scrubbing the tile, etc.

We recommend that when the floor is properly stripped, and six coats of high-quality finish is applied, it be burnished monthly. This will maintain the shine for at least one year. We recommend using six coats of high-quality floor finish for a quality shine.

We also offer a follow up to burnish the floors monthly. We use a high-speed burnisher that healthcare facilities use to maintain a high gloss shine. When working on a childcare center, we prefer to do this during the weekend when we can have the necessary time to remove all furniture, strip the floors properly, and then lay six coats of high-quality floor finish.

Floor Waxing for K-12 Schools

On a daily basis, Education Facility Management also provides floor technician services such as:

  • Dust mopping and damp mopping hallways, sitting areas, and lobbies
  • Trash removal from all areas of the facility to outside containers
  • Stripping and refinishing floors
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Wall washing
  • Outside maintenance


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Carpet Cleaning

Getting Carpet Cleaning for K-12 schools

Our carpet cleaning system is one of the best in the industry. The way we are able to accomplish this is to maintain your carpets daily. Spot cleaning is done daily, while carpet shampooing is completed quarterly. This gives your carpet a daily cleaning and helps eliminates the need for an outside service saving your facility these higher costs.

We urge you to ask yourself: when was the last time the carpets were cleaned? Small children are crawling on them daily, and they are constantly absorbing dirt and germs.

Getting Carpet Cleaning for K-12 schools

During consultation, we look at the condition and age of the carpets first. If carpets need replacing, we let the customer know. These issues come from the carpet not being properly cleaned, carpet shampoo that is still in the carpets that cause stains return.

The best time to use this service is on the weekend when the childcare center is closed for two days. Once the process is completed, we recommend a disinfectant be sprayed on them daily. We also recommend that carpets in schools be cleaned 3 to 4 times per year.

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