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Is your school getting a “dirty” reputation on social media or among the staff? Are parents threatening legal action because of unsanitary conditions? Or maybe you’re worried about similar scenarios surfacing as overflowing trash cans. Start fresh with Education Facility Management, LLC (EFM) professional cleaning services, your trusted choice for a Philadelphia cleaning service for schools.

EFM is a privately owned company: our upper management team and every field professional take full responsibility for the quality of our work.

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Six Reasons Why Unsanitary Schools Cost More to Operate

  • Increased Maintenance: Dirt and grime cause wear and tear on facilities, leading to higher repair costs
  • Health Issues: Higher rates of illness among students and staff result in more sick days and substitute teacher expenses
  • Lower Productivity: Unclean environments distract students and staff, reducing overall productivity
  • Pest Control: Dirty facilities attract pests, requiring expensive extermination services
  • Equipment Damage: Dust and dirt can damage equipment and technology, leading to costly replacements
  • Poor Reputation: Touring a dirty school can deter new enrollments and impact funding, leading to financial losses

A sanitary school can inspire parent referrals and attract quality teachers and staff who prefer working in clean settings.

Don’t let dirt keep you up at night.

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CDC’s Standards are our Standard Operating Procedures

Other Philadelphia school cleaning services might know the CDC’s strict cleanliness standards and ISSA’s Clean Standards exist. But that doesn’t mean those companies apply these crucial guidelines to their cleaning procedures.

At EFT, compliance is mandatory, just like cleaning with EPA-approved products and providing:


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EFM specializes in janitorial services for K-12 schools, colleges, and special needs schools in Philadelphia. We use EPA-approved disinfectants, follow CDC guidelines, and use green cleaning materials. Our supervisors frequently visit customer sites during cleaning hours. For over 20 years, we’ve provided reliable service at competitive costs.

Let us keep your school sanitary and protect your reputation. Reach out to us today for a quote, and let us show you the EFM difference.