Oaklyn Cleaning Service for Schools

If you own or represent a private, public or special needs school in the region, you understand the need for a cleaning service that can handle the needs of a school environment. Education Facility Management is the answer to your search for an Oaklyn cleaning service for schools. We are a specialized cleaning service that provides maintenance services to a variety of schools throughout the greater Philadelphia area and South Jersey. We have the know how and equipment to keep your Oaklyn school sanitary for students and faculty.

As you know, a cleaning service for schools needs to go above and beyond typical cleaning and maintenance. Your school cleaning requires EPA-approved cleaning materials and disinfectants, and the CDC also has specific requirements in place for school cleaning procedures. If you are like most schools, you also have a strict budget to follow, and your cleaning service should be affordable and provide value for your investment.

Education Facility Management is designed to handle all of your school cleaning needs, whether your institution is K-12, public or private, or a charter schools in the area. Our approach goes beyond everyday cleaning procedures. We use hygienic and green cleaning materials, and our thorough procedures are proven to be safe and effective.

In recent years especially, we’ve learned the importance of a sanitary environment for children, and we make sure that your school’s cleanliness meets and exceeds state standards. Most importantly, we do it at a price your school’s budget can afford. We work to make our services worth your investment, and enable you to make the cleanliness of your school a selling point for enrollment.

Make EFM Your Oaklyn School Cleaning Service!

Get started today and request a consultation with us here. We’ll meet with you and discuss your current services and how they can be improved, and the difference we can make in your school environment. We’re ready to be your choice for an Oaklyn cleaning service for schools – we’ll do the job right at the right price!

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