Gloucester County Cleaning Service for Schools

Education Facility Management (EFM-USA) is your trusted choice in Gloucester County cleaning service for schools. We provide specialized cleaning services for schools throughout the South Jersey region, and we’re committed every day to providing you exceptional service at a competitive price.

We offer our services for most every type of school from K-12, including public and private schools, special needs sites and more. Our staff handles your cleaning needs and takes one less worry away from your day-to-day concerns.

Our Gloucester County School Cleaning Services

We offer a full suite of janitorial and cleaning services for Gloucester County schools, including:

Janitorial and Custodial Services. In any environment where children are present each day, a facility has specialized needs that require the right cleaning materials and equipment. Our daily cleaning approach is proven and safe, and includes EPA-approved disinfectants and adheres strictly to CDC guidelines. Our staff thoroughly cleans and mops classrooms, bathrooms, floors, windows, carpets and much more.

Facility Maintenance. When you need light preventive maintenance cleaning, we’re here for you. We can take care of painting classrooms, garbage disposal needs, and cleaning cafeterias as needed. If you require it, we can place a Facility Director on staff to handle cleaning management at your school.

Cleaning Supplies + Delivery. EFM can be your one stop destination for cleaning supplies and equipment. Because of our relationships with top suppliers, we can bring you reasonably priced products including COVID-19 PPE, hand sanitizer and more. Our products include green and hygienic cleaning products that are free of chemicals.

Infection Control/COVID-19 Cleansing. Our cleaning staff uses U.S.-regulated high quality products to disinfect your classrooms and fight bacteria. We will ensure that your hand sanitizers are filled and that our staff has the equipment to keep your classrooms safe.

Find out more about why we’re your easy choice in Gloucester County cleaning service for schools. Contact us today or use this form to request a quote. We’re looking forward to keeping your educational facility clean and safe!