Collingswood Cleaning Service for Schools

Educational Facility Management provides value-based custodial services for facilities throughout Camden County…we’re your simple answer for a Collingswood cleaning service for schools! EFM is here for your environmental, sanitation and cleaning services, whether you work in a public, private, or charter school. We use the latest in cleaning equipment, environmentally safe cleaning products, and specialized techniques that keep your facility sanitary and safe.

Your Collingswood School Cleaning Service Needs

EFM offers complete and high quality cleaning services for Collingswood schools, including:

Janitorial Services. We’ve seen many schools employ a cleaning staff that uses aging cleaning machines, don’t clean floors and carpets as frequently as needed, and don’t use hospital type chemical dispenser equipment. At EFM, we look after these details…we dust mop and damp mop your floors on a daily basis, strip and wax floors regularly, shampoo your carpets on a periodic basis, and we clean and disinfect all of your rooms, including offices, libraries, bathrooms, gyms and more.

Floor Care. We use the latest in well-maintained cleaning and buffing equipment, and we clean, strip and wax your floors as frequently as needed. Our staff dust and damp mops your floors daily, and when waxing, we use six coats of high gloss shine finish.

Carpet Cleaning. We vacuum and spot clean your school’s carpets daily, and we’ll take care to shampoo your carpets every three months. Our carpet cleaning is among the best available in South Jersey, and we can save you the additional cost of a professional carpet cleaning service.

Infection Control/COVID-19 Cleansing. In the last few years we’ve learned just how important a sanitized environment is, and it’s our mission each day. We fight disease and bacteria with U.S. regulated, top quality cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and free of harsh chemicals.

EFM provides all of these services and more, and we also can keep your school stocked with needed cleaning supplies at an affordable price.

If you’ve decided that your school needs a better cleaning service, and would like to learn more about EFM, reach out to us today or click here for a quote and free consultation. EFM is your destination for the best value in Collingswood cleaning service for schools. We’re looking forward to telling you more about how we do things, and how we keep a clean and safe environment for your school’s children and staff!

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