Chester County Cleaning Service for Schools

Are viral social media posts about your unsanitary school conditions causing an uproar? Are parents threatening to have their lawyers call you about cleanliness issues at your daycare? If you said yes or are concerned about either of these happening down the road, it’s time to start fresh with Education Facility Management, LLC (EFM). We’re your trusted Chester County cleaning service for schools.

Expect transparent communication, predictable costs, and comprehensive cleanings that comply with all regulations. For over two decades, EFM has been a dependable, privately owned company with management directly overseeing the quality of our services.

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Economical and Environmentally Friendly.

Education Facility Management, LLC safeguards both your budget and your institution.

Clean facilities have lower repair expenses because assets like flooring, plumbing, and appliances have longer operating lives. Additionally, germ-free environments boost attendance-based funding and decrease the need for substitute teachers due to healthier staff.

A clean school enhances your reputation, encouraging parent referrals and attracting quality teachers and staff who prefer working in clean settings.

Don’t let dirt keep you up at night.

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Unwavering Compliance and Standards

Other Delaware County school cleaning services might understand the CDC’s strict cleanliness standards and/or comply with ISSA’s Clean Standards. Or they might not.

But at EFM, these are mandatory operating procedures, just like cleaning with EPA-approved products and providing quality services, including:

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Ensure your buildings are cleaned beyond health standards, say goodbye to unreliable providers who fail to show up, and inspire with positive social media posts about your spotlessly clean school or daycare.

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