Bucks County Cleaning Service for Schools

Are your students posting pictures of your school’s grimy bathrooms and trash piles on social media? Or worse, are you facing legal threats from daycare parents over filthy conditions? Those are two red flags that you need a Bucks County cleaning service for schools.

It’s time to turn things around with Education Facility Management, LLC (EFM).

Straight talk, no hidden costs. Expect honest, dependable service that meets all federal and local regulations. EFM has been a privately owned beacon of trust for 20 years, with hands-on management and direct responsibility. We’re all about clear communication and accountability.

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Keep Your Budget in the “Green”

Education Facility Management, LLC puts more of the other kind of green (i.e., money!) in your budget by:

  • Slashing Maintenance Bills: With cleaner classrooms and facilities, you’ll face fewer repairs, significantly reducing costs.
  • Improving Health, Boosting Attendance: A healthier school environment means fewer sick days for everyone, which translates to more funding and savings on substitute teachers.
  • Upholding Your Reputation: Parents keep paying for quality education. They won’t flinch at tuition fees if they don’t spot mold or dirty carpets.
  • Drawing Top Talent: The best teachers and staff seek clean, hygienic workspaces. Choose EFM for your Bucks County Cleaning service for schools, and show that you value the people who educate our future.

Stop Worrying About Who is Cleaning—or NOT Cleaning—Your Schools & Daycares!

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We Follow the Rules.

Did you know the CDC sets strict standards for school cleanliness? We do.

Are you wondering if the cleaning products used in your facility are on the EPA’s safe and effective list? If you hire EFM, the answer is yes.

Is your cleaning contractor keeping up with the ISSA’s Clean Standards? We’re always up to speed.

Education Facility Management delivers superior Bucks County Cleaning services for schools and daycares, including:

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Do you want parents and staff to rave about your school’s cleanliness instead of raising an eyebrow? Skip the cheap fixes that cost you more down the line by hiring Education Facility Management, LLC, for a healthier school environment and a better bottom line.

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