Barrington Cleaning Service for Schools

If you represent a public or private school in your area, you fully know the importance of a clean and sanitary environment for the children and staff. Too many days of school time are lost each year to flu and other germ-related sicknesses, which can often be prevented by thorough and frequent cleaning services. Let Educational Facility Management be your choice for a Barrington cleaning service for schools – we provide top notch cleaning services, affordable supplies, and customized programs that suit your budget.

Why A Specific Barrington School Cleaning Service?

Schools and educational facilities that require more than a typical janitorial service. Where students and educators are present, cleaning services require specialized tools, equipment, and cleaning techniques. A clean and sanitary environment for children and faculty also enhances a school’s image in the community and can increase enrollment. At the same time, school budgets are always constrained, and janitorial services need to be affordable too.

At EFM, we specialize in cleaning services that are specific to schools…we use a proven approach that includes EPA approved disinfectants, following of CDC guidelines, and safe and effective cleaning procedures. We can adapt to each type of school, and our clients in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area include public schools, private schools, colleges, charter schools and daycare centers. We’ve been serving the area’s school systems for over 20 years, and our client retention rate is currently 95%.

If your school’s cleaning service needs improvement, or you need to find cleaning services that can customize to your needs and budget, reach out to EFM today and request a consultation. We’re your proven answer for a Barrington cleaning service for schools…we’ll take a look at your current situation, show you how it can be improved, and work on a plan for keep you school clean and safe for your students and your staff.

Our mission each day is offering the best cleaning service at the right cost…get started today!

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